numgo Build Status

A library that is aimed at providing methods and functions that give scope for performing numerical and scientific calculations in go-lang. The core concept to numgo library is that everything is an array and all operations, calculations, functions and routines that correspond to are in reference to that n-dimensional array.


Inspired by numpy for python, numGo aims to replicate all the mathematical concepts that are covered in numpy. Therefore, most of the concepts and ideas are broadly taken from numpy.

Operations to be supported


go get


package main

                import (

                func main() {
                fmt.Println(numgo.NDArray(3, 3, 3))  // would init a NDArray of shape 3,3,3
                fmt.Println(numgo.Xrange(8, 20))     // would print from 8 to 20
                fmt.Println(numgo.Xrange(8, 9, 0.1)) // would print from 8.1 to 8.9


NOTE: The package in its entirety is under development v0.1 will be shipped by the end of December 2017.



MPL License